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  1. Hi Monica- I really enjoyed your article on how expectations and hopes for technology in education may actually be distracting and possibly detrimental. In addition, we all want to improve education but how. What will be realistic and work. I like how you addressed that as well. As a father of 3 and having dealt with children’s educational programs and even adult education this article resonates very much with me. I do see a lot of potential in technology and feel strongly that if the world is going in a certain direction we need to adapt and help our children adapt as well.

    I’d love feedback and look forward to reading more of your literature.


  2. Hi David — thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. I agree that there is a tension between fostering skills in children and weighing the promise vs. hype of educational technologies. Your questions about what are realistic expectations and what will be effective succinctly address the problems with adopting a one-size-fits all approach.

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